CARAG – Partnership

CARAG is an abbreviation for Coventry Asylum and Refugee Action Group. It is a Community of asylum seekers and migrants based in Coventry and the West Midlands which aims to equip and help migrants with information as regards to the immigration system. CARAG is made up of asylum seekers, refugees and migrants from Africa, Asia, the Middle East and as far as South America.
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The group is run by the above, within the community with local British citizen volunteers as well. The group has a constitution and a core committee who are all part of the group.
We meet once a week on Wednesdays to discuss issues facing migrants such as destitution, health care, legal aid, education apart from immigration issues. The meetings are also a platform for members to meet new people, share experiences and problems and where possible resolve the problems or signpost people in the right direction where they can get help. We also have a meal and refreshments during our weekly meetings. We invite speakers who cover all topics such as mental health, nutrition, integration apart from immigration. Ee also network with other groups, charities and organisations with a similar agenda nationally.
We are funded by charities, the funding helps the group to cover expenses for weekly meetings and transport expenses, because almost or the group members don’t have permission to work.
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Women for Refugee Women – Destitution Research

I went to the Women for Refugee Women event in London. It was research training to help the most vulnerable women in the UK, who are destitute, with women who have experienced destitution. Priscilla was the Policy co- ordinator for the day. We learnt about doing a voluntary questionnaire, which asks women about their experience of destitution here in UK, it asks about how you cope during destitution, and how you survive the situation.

The purpose of the research was to end the destitution of women in the UK.

I felt excited that women are being honoured, listened to, we are precious.

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Contribution to CEDAW from West Midland’s refugee and migrant groups

We contributed case-studies and issues to the report from Baobab Women’s Project and Refugee Rights Europe, which has been submitted to the UN CEDAW committee to try to improve the rights of women who suffer violence and abuse.

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Find a link to the report here:

Meeting with Migrant Organise

The CMWH along with other organisation attended the Migrant Organise meeting held on the 10/05/18 in Birmingham.

Migrant Organise is a platform that create a movement which is powerful and strong for migrant and refugee to expose the reality of the situation to public eye and politician.

The aim of the meeting was first of all to say fair well to Sunny Migrant Organiser Midlands, secondly follow up of the previous meeting to find out if we are ready to continue working with them to break the silence about the hostile environment and finally to invite us to their Strategy Planning Day which will take place in Manchester. The purpose of that will be to have a broad conversation on how to work together in other to understand our needs and they can offer.

Working with them will be a great opportunity on how to tackle issues which are facing asylum seekers and refugees but also how to get to the solutions. I believed that we can make change.

for more information visit: migrant organise


Meeting with MP Jim Cunningham

CMWH in partnership with CARAG invited the MP Jim Cunningham on the 20/04/18 to discuss about issues related to asylum seekers and refuges and how to stand against the hostile environment.

The first advice he gave us is to get in touch with the MP of own constituency.

Explain the situation in which we are going through

Try to explain the stories as it is because if you want them to get involve in cases they need to know everything.

If you want to approach your MP for any help you have to tell them your full detail, your date of birth , your reference number and also the reason why you are in this country.

If we want to achieve something we must stand as a group.

Here are some tips on how to engage with your MP

How to engage an MP.

Welcome and greet your MP.

  • Thank them for taking time to come out.

Introduce yourself and the group (basic).

  • Individual introductions.
  • Explain what your project does.

Explain the reason for meeting-what are the issues.

  • Issues Asylum Seekers face

Help the MP understand the issues – give personal or group case examples.

  • e.g People who have been in the UK for +15 yrs and are failed asylum seekers have no right to support themselves, education, health care.
  • e.g Syrian Asylum Seekers

Help your MP understand the issue.

  • Because of this, people go through stress which cause other health issues like mental health issues, destitution & poverty. These people could be a boost to society & economy.
  • Syria is suffering a terrible civil war and unthinkable to deport people back there.

Give the MP 2 solutions for the issue.

  • Allow people to receive basic services, education & health care
  • Grant people amnesty that have been in the country a long time status
  • Grant Syrians status

Ask the MP what actions they will take.

  • What are you going to do?
  • Will you take this to your party & Parliament?

Ask the MP when/how this issue maybe resolved.

  • Ask them for a time frame
  • Follow up with phone calls, emails or meetings.

Find useful information on the parliament website:parliament debates