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On Thursday 17th October 2019, Grace, Sarah and Agnes attended Naccom annual conference. They presented a workshop titled encouraging residents participation and action.

Their presentation consisted of these 3 main points:

*What type of organisation is CMWH

Sarah made a presentation of Coventry Migrant Women House (CMWH): a charitable incorporated Organisation which has a 4 bedroom used to accommodate and support forced migrant women with no resource to public funding. Their property is structured in such a way that the residents have a say on how the house is supposed to run.

*Inspiring the residents

Agnes talked about qualities, qualifications and skills that the asylum seekers have as they simply need people to trust and motivate them. This motivation drives confidence and friendships. On the other hand, residents are encouraged to participate in activities of socialisation to avoid isolation, anxiety and depression.

*New ways of encouraging resisdents to participate in social change activities

Grace presented several tips on how to encourage residents to be more socially active. Some of the examples were as follows :

*Encouraging decision making : suggestion box by creating a system for residents to give suggestion during monthy house meetings on what they want to improve around the house etc.. ). Making sure we check it regularly to ensure improvement to those problems.

*Incentives for engagement:  showing appreciation for hard work by giving gift cards.

*Ensuring great level of communication between residents through WhatsApp, blogs and email.









Rosa project

I attend a group called Rosa project since September 2019 until present on Mondays, which is about learning how to raise our voices on issues that affect asylum destitute women (such as myself). The group focuses on speaking about destitution issues and different issues that arise during the asylum process. I feel passionate about such group because it gives me a platform to speak on the issues that has affected me through my asylum process as the Home office tries to suppress our voices when they are supposed to help us and get our voices heard. This group is great for recognising our rights, finding ways to get our voices heard by campaigning as well as delivering important messages to the authorities/ MPs of the country in order to establish justice and equality for all asylum women. Information on all future meetings are below.





RECC- Reclaiming the Coventry Canal

I have attended this group called RECC (Reclaiming the Coventry Canal) for the preparation of their festival that took place at Coventry Fargo village on the 5th of October 2019. RECC is about increasing ownership of the canal by involving and encouraging everyone from different backgrounds to create a clean and friendly environment for the convenience of everyone by the canal. Their projects include gardening by the canal, organising festivals for the canal, discussing future developments of the canal. They also organise weekly meetings to discuss future projects for the canal and information are often communicated through their Fcebook page: I encourage everyone to join this group, it is great fun 🙂




CARAG Activities

CARAG I go to weekly, helping cleaning and tidying, listening to someone from different organisations, recently we had lawyer from Tann Law, Ruby, she was talking about immigration issues, what different things we can do to resolve our undocumented status, we asked questions we had about our own lives and when others ask we learn different things they face. 

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Our Annual Report 2018-2019

Some snipets from the report:

Activites and Events: Our residents face challenges, but get inspiration from each other and the projects around that build towards social good… find out what they are doing in the report.


We employed Agnes Tanoh on a sessional basis to support residents and build the project. She is a leader in campaigning and activism, and has been giving housing support as a volunteer for those seeking protection with the Hope Projects for many years.

Annual accounts and notes.


Coventry Migrant Womens Houses Annual Report 18-19

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